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Happy 3rd & 30th!

Today is my little sister’s birthday, and tomorrow is my son’s. For a minute there I thought they might end up having the same birthday. Anywho, I can’t believe how old they are both getting! Especially since I’m not getting old at all. Strange. Hey, wait a minute! Oh well, this photo was taken on a recent outing to the zoo. They are looking up in awe at the strange beauty of the toucan- or maybe they’re amused by the potty-mouthed mynah bird. (Disclaimer: Blame the mynah bird for any bad words you hear my son repeating. Thank you!)


Tere, Cassie, Daniel, & Alex

It might be hard to believe we were in the middle of winter when these photos were taken, but it’s true! It was a gorgeous day, and I got to photograph an equally gorgeous family. These are few of my favorites from the fun afternoon I spent with Tere and her kids.

Asilomar Beach Session

The Schwartz & Wheeler Families

On a breezy, but beautiful morning in Pacific Grove, Cindy brought her husband Andrew and daughter Evelyn to join her brother Jason, his wife Julie, and their son Jaden for a little photo session together. The day was bitter-sweet for everyone as Jason and his family were days away from moving out-of-state. Hopefully the photos will comprise for them some lovely memories of being together, playing in the sun and splashing in the sea.

Sunday in the Park

Esthetician’s  Cozy Cottage in Carmel Valley

I recently photographed Shelly Thelen’s cottage in Carmel Valley. She lives with her family on a sunny, oak-filled property. Behind her lovely home she has outfitted this comfortable cottage for her work as an esthetician. To reach her you can send an email to shellythelen@gmail.com, visit her website at www.rejuvinateskintherapy.com or call her at 831-601-9593. She offers a wide assortment of beauty treatments at affordable prices, and jewelry you can browse between treatments. Did I mention how nice Shelly is? The morning we photographed her cottage she made a cup of tea for me and I felt like I was hanging out with an old friend.