March, 2010 Archives

Welcome Spring!

There are so many beautiful little gardens tucked in to the historic adobes in Monterey. I have several favorites I like to visit year round, but they become a special treat when spring arrives. Though lovingly kept- some of these gardens seem to be seldom visited- so ducking into one can be like entering a secret garden. Enjoy!

Spring Garden

Big Mol

That is her nickname- Big Mol- which is I think the funniest thing to call someone so tiny. Her big sister Kendall, and parents Traci and Doug (and one of their cats) also played along and we had a fun morning together.  My husband and I met Doug and Traci in our birthing class when they were having Kendall and we were all still just twosomes. They are the nicest family, and it is so lovely to see them adding to their group.

Baby Molly

Brother & Sister Birthday!

Baby animals, balloon animals, and face painting, oh my!

Esther’s Family in Bloom

I recently had the opportunity to photograph Esther and Michael,  along with Esther’s children and grandchildren, on the grounds of California’s State Capitol. It was a beautiful day, the camellias were in bloom, and the trees in the orange grove were dropping big juicy oranges on the grass to be snapped up and eaten by whomever pleased. It seemed like everyone I saw was relaxed and drinking in the sun and fresh air. It was just a really nice day, and I enjoyed spending part of it with this lovely family who came together from far and wide so they could be in a portrait together. Here are some of my favorite images from the session.