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My Foray into Advertising

Check out my new postcard! I’ve just started handing it out and I wanted to put it up here for all those people who might not stumble on to one. Thanks to all those who agreed to be pictured on the card, including my own son who didn’t get much say in the matter- although he does refer to it as “my postcard,” so I guess he’s OK with it. Please scroll down to the next blog post to see a few photos of the wedding couple featured on the card.

New Postcard!

From the Archives

Recently I’ve begun handing out the postcard shown above. (And with it the introduction of a “Pricing” section on this website.) On the card I’ve included a photo from a wedding I photographed a few years ago. I’ve always loved the photo and when I created my card I wanted it to represent the budding wedding photography element of my business. The lovely couple, and friends of mine, Russ and Donna, were kind enough to let me share this photo and a few other favorites from their day. They were married in a Buddhist ceremony in the chapel on the beautiful and historic Asilomar conference grounds in Pacific Grove, just a short board-walk from the beach.

The Shea Family

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the Shea Family in Pacific Grove. The girls are so fun and expressive. The weather was just starting to warm up and things were beginning to bloom, which helped us get out into the yard and make use of their beautiful little antique doll bed. They are such a nice family and I’m glad to call them friends.

The DiFranco Family Hits the Beach!

This beach setting is absolutely one of the most beautiful in the Monterey Bay area. It was a such a pleasure to share a late afternoon there with the DiFranco family. They were playful, up for anything, and very relaxed and their boys are so adorable and energetic we had no shortage of fun moments to photograph.