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The Bell & Prewitt Families at Fall Creek

Ok, I’m a little behind in my blogging, but I have a lot of great sessions to share with you. So time to catch up! Here are some of my favorites from a family photo session I did with my dear friend Amy, and her extended family. These photos were taken at a peaceful spot tucked in among the redwoods, called Fall Creek, in Santa Cruz. The family has been coming here for years and years. I never forgot visiting there once with Amy (pictured in the post holding the leaf) when we were both in High School. I asked if they might be open to doing the photo session there, and they agreed! The family has a long history with the place, including the fact that as a young lady, Grandma Edith got engaged right there on the bridge. I have to thank them all, because as usual, they made me feel like part of the family. I really love the photos we got as a result.

Spencer Smiles

Okay, seriously this has to be one of the easiest blog posts I’ve ever put together. There were so many great photos to choose from because Spencer, his mom Sabrina, and his dad Keenan were so relaxed and having so much fun together. Their bond came across during our morning on Carmel Beach, as the sky went from overcast to sunny- then it just kept coming across, and coming across, and coming across! They were so full of smiles I’m pretty sure I finally just had to force myself to put the camera away. What I neat family!

Carmel Beach Portraits