April, 2011 Archives

Sun & Sand at Lover’s Point

I had the pleasure of photographing little Camille and her mom Sarah when Camille was just a baby. This time, dad, Rich, and big brother Colin also took part! It was a chilly morning, but the sun eventually warmed us before we finished the session, then the family headed out for pancakes and hot chocolate. The kids had definitely earned it.

My Big Little Girl

Signe, Two Months

Bright Eyes

I had the privilege recently of photographing this sweet and stylish family. Not only do they have an adorable daughter (and cat!) who is unfazed by the camera, but it seemed like every room in the house was decoratively inspired (including the reclaimed wood paneling you see in the last photo.) I could have happily photographed there all day long!

Rachel & Elliot Engaged

Here are just a few images from a mini-engagement session I did with a very cool couple. I can’t wait to share some of their wedding soon! The story is that they have had an extended engagement period because when Elliot knew he wanted to marry Rachel he wasted no time in asking her (somewhere in India where Rachel had followed Elliot, by the way) without thinking about when they would actually get married. (Cue songbirds: How romantic!) They had each met their match and they knew it. Neither was going to let the other one get away. In the meantime they have been sharing their lives and building a strong foundation for a relationship that is sure to be full of many more adventures. How lovely when two great people become a great couple. I couldn’t be happier for them.