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Rebekah & Dan

So, it turns out I can keep a secret. Dan had a little plan for Rebekah that she didn’t know about, but I did! I think I was more nervous than he was. Dan is one cool guy, so of course he pulled it off and the pictures came out amazing. See what happens below!

Oh, and I get a lot of nice emails, but this one really made my day so I asked Dan if I could include it with the blog post and he said yes. So it goes like that- Rebekah said yes and was happy, and then Dan said yes and I was happy- demonstrating how one man can make two women happy in the same week!

Here is the email Dan sent:

Holy. Crap. HOLY CRAP! Totally exceeded even my wildest expectations! Wow. We can’t stop staring at these (I feel like Rebekah with the ring … non-stop gawking). Cant wait for the rest. Thank you so much, Lindsey. You are amazing!


Dan is rolling up his sleeves! He’s about to do it!

Down on one knee!

Of course she said YES.


Veronica & Brandon

Veronica and Brandon got married in a lush redwood grove in San Mateo County’s Memorial County Park. The day was full of personal details, funny moments, and of course- lots of love.