As a student at UC Davis I studied photography, among other things, and earned degrees in both art and literature. As much as I loved it, I never thought I would pursue a career in photography. Also during college and afterward, while living abroad as a student, and then as a teacher, the massive importance of photographs of loved ones, and ourselves was impressed upon me. I had taken off for a study abroad program without any photos of friends or family because I was afraid it would make me miss them. Once I got there I called home begging my mom to send photos of those faces because I was so homesick. I didn’t make that mistake again a few years later when I moved to Namibia as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I was an English teacher, but I spent a lot of time there taking photos of my students, many of whom were boarders, and saw how important it was to them to have photos of themselves, their friends, their family. Of course it was important. It was everything.

After a lifelong love of photography, in 2009 I plunged in full-time, with all the passion, nervousness, and excitement of a new relationship.

Six years later I feel even more energized, challenged, and in love with this field than I did when I started. I feel grateful to know you, my clients. To witness your love, your quiet moments, your joy. For me it is a thrill to be there when you propose, when you get married, when you cradle your new baby, when your big kids wrap their arms around Grandma and smile proudly. There are so many moments I am anxious to capture. There are so many times when you and your loved ones look so beautiful, that I want you to see. And I want you to be excited to share and keep them forever.

I have my own story of course. I’m married, I have two kids and two dogs. We all enjoy hiking through the forest in Pacific Grove where we live. I love my story.

And you have a story, and yours is unique. And it’s beautiful because it’s unique. And you are beautiful just because you’re here.

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