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Drool Monkey Organics

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Strawberry Summer

I have so many great sessions to blog and I’m looking forward to sharing those, but I haven’t added anything personal here lately, so I wanted to take a little break to welcome summer. I used to like occasionally blogging pictures of my garden- but since my own garden looks terrible right now, I am happy to share some photos from a recent playdate. It is a longstanding childhood fantasy of mine to pick berries and make things with them, so thanks to Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville, I get to live that out with my kids. (They also have olallieberries for the picking now and in the fall we go there for apples.) After picking we went home to make them into jam. I hadn’t tried that before and it was not as difficult or time-consuming as I had imagined. I didn’t even have to add as much sugar as the recipe called for because the berries were already so sweet. And I have to say the results are disproportionate to the effort because the jam tastes amazing. As we cooked, the whole house became filled with the aroma of fresh strawberries. Even in my wildest berry-making dreams I never imaged such a wonderful scent!

Here is Owen headed out to the strawberry field with his friends Bella and Lucas.

My other little berry, Signe who was present but didn’t really help that much.

My Big Little Girl

Signe, Two Months

Signe Roux, Two weeks & Five Days

We welcomed our little girl the day before Valentine’s Day. It was a beautiful, bright morning in so many ways. We named her Signe (Sig-nee), which is a Scandinavian name meaning “New Victory,” and Roux (Roo) which is French and means “Red-haired woman.” We are thankful most of all that she is, so far, healthy and robust. And it’s wonderful to have terrific friends in our community who love and embrace her as well. Thank you to all those who have brought us more delicious meals than we probably deserve. We are blessed many times over, and I feel genuinely humbled by the generosity of friends and family, and awed by the magic of nature to create such wonders as a new baby.

That said, who could possibly love this little girl more than her parents?

And that being said, how can my husband and I love another child as much as we love our son?

It’s a lovely little quandary.